{.:.Basically, You make me smile.:.}

by aproperfool

Ah, back to work again and nothing is really on my  mind other than the fact that I am once again not a fan of cubicle living.

This morning, I ran through my usual routine–alarm goes off at 6:00am; SNOOZE. Alarm tries again to wake me at 6:05am; SNOOZE.

{.:.This continues, every  five minutes, until 6:15am.:.}

6:15am; reset alarm to go off at 6:30am. Clearly getting annoyed with its owner, goes off again at 6:35am; reset alarm until 6:50am.

Yes, I suppose I will get up on that one…if I must. And indeed I must. I was informed yesterday that I do actually have a time that I am required to be here. Which is strange, considering that last week, not a single person noticed my coming in, nor my leaving for the day. I have been assigned small tasks that never seem to fill an entire hour, and I therefore get bored pretty regularly. Maybe they will give me more responsibilities…but then again, maybe I should ask for them.

Back to how my morning went–I dragged myself out of bed, only to find that my vampire-slaying dog, Buffy, had left me a nice little present on my floor. She should look into classes on wrapping–she is doing a terrible job.

I then did my usual morning routine; wash face, brush hair, run half-naked downstairs to find a top to go with my skirt. Interrupt the searching due to the fact that I cannot find a single thing to match said skirt…move on to a simple dress that does not really require anything but shoes to go with it.

Ahhh, how I love the smell of coffee in the morning. I sat down at my desk today, plugged in the CAC card, and took vitamins with my iced water…that is, until I spilled all of the water on my desk (including any electronics that were present).

Being quite frustrated with my morning, I skipped out for half an hour to retrieve Burger King. Nothing soothes the soul like a greasy biscuit and lukewarm coffee.

So that has been my morning.