{.:.my nails chip blue at the thought of you.:.}

by aproperfool

       Good morning on this Tuesday.

It seems that there has been some confusion as to what day it is–let me just clear that up     for you. It would be Monday, considering that it is the first day of working this week. HOWEVER, please do not get confused. Today is Tuesday, which will be two times as long, just to make up for missing a Monday.

Perk to it already being the second day of the week? Mostly that we will get to leave work in four days this week, as opposed to the usual five days. It may feel the same length, but somewhere between Thursday morning and Friday evening, we will finally realize the weight of missing a single day of work; feeling more relaxed and able to “charge on” than we were the last week.

What if all weeks were four-day weeks?! Would we then be sour, wishing for a three-day week? That is the hopelessness of our want. We always want more, or in this case–much less.

Back to our boxes, to finish the day.

Unrelated note: Best of luck to Chuck Norris, aka Kelsey, who is more than halfway to Spain right now, starting her own adventure. Follow her during her semester abroad via her blog: http://chucknotcharles.wordpress.com/