{.:.a time to vegetate.:.}

by aproperfool

Oh, to be alive and well this Thursday morning. I am especially fond of Thursdays–they feel just like a Friday, but tend to pass so much faster than Fridays do; a Friday will drone on and on and on and on, while we sit and watch the clock, hoping to somehow be flung, by scientific miracle, eight hours into the future. This, however, never seems to happen.

Yesterday, I caught up with The Office.

Dwight is my all-time favorite Office character

I am terrible at keeping up with television shows. I am not one of those people who anxiously awaits the week, in anticipation for the day’s melodrama. I much prefer to let my shows build up, for weeks on end, and when I can no longer stand my busy life, I will sit. For hours, I will sit. I like to call it a “time of vegetation,” in which I need not think, only watch, in my tv-induced coma.

Like I was saying, I caught up on six episodes of The Office yesterday. This season has just been kind of so-so, and when it was over, I fell asleep while trying to watch Castle. Another tv show that I enjoyed the previous season of.

I have a theory on tv shows–they all have a “peak season” in which the writers are all on-point, keeping their watchers interested and hanging on their every word. Then, IT sets in. IT kills the tv show. IT uses every shred of funny it can muster from that “peak season” in order to keep the eager viewers engaged. Yet it never quite reaches its height again, and all of the now addicted tv fanatics will watch it, as it disastrously reaches its end. Sad, indeed.

But I still enjoy every second of my “time of vegetation,” and gladly fall into that category of viewers who will stay with a beloved show until the end.