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by aproperfool



On the menu for the next week: Shrimp Stirfry With Thai Chili Paste vs. Shrimp and Grits

Thai Shrimp Stirfry

Two of our close guy friends like to cook us dinner one week, and my sister and I cook dinner the next week. We were treated to a nice, lightly fried chicken, green beans, and garlic/butter rice this past Tuesday, so I think that I will switch it up a bit and make an international dish. Shrimp stirfry with rice, perhaps? I once had a Thai foreign exchange student in one of my cooking classes in high school, and she taught us to make chicken fried rice…can’t be too much harder, right?

Another option that sounds tres tasty: shrimp/grits/fried egg/bacon=mmmmmm… I’ve

Shrimp/poached egg/bacon/grits

always loved the combination of savory dinner-type foods with breakfast staples. Another perk to this recipe? Since I’ve already got the shrimp, breakfast ingredients are almost always magically cheaper than those for their later evening counterparts! As I continue to weight the pros and cons to bacon (cholesterol, salty, GOODNESS) to a lovely Thai experience (spicy, saucy, YUMMM) I think that the only way I can possibly make a decision would be to ask some of my dinner guests. I’ll let you know how it goes and post photos of the winner!