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by aproperfool

Get your GLEEK on!

After the second dinner last night (yes, my first dinner was at Logans for a retirement ceremony), I watched this past week’s episode of Glee, which is entitled “Funk.” I must admit, I was mildly disappointed with Quinn’s funk performance. I understand that she is constantly upset about being prego, but is that really all she has to sing about? And why, oh why was there a flock of pregnant teens dancing behind her in a strange burlesque (they were covered,  but let’s just say you can see how they got preggers in the first place) fashion?! That was…an interesting addition to the episode. Another disappointment was Mercedes’ performance–she sang back-up in a rap song with Finn and Puck. Didn’t she, only fifteen minutes earlier, name  herself as the best lead voice for a funk performance due to her ethnicity? The only impressive moment was when Mr. Shuester told the trio that it was not funk, but rap. Other than Mercedes agreeing to take a back-seat, I enjoyed Finn and Puck’s white rapping skills. Sue is still a favorite on the show, as she brings a great deal of sarcasm and straight-up, unapologetic mean. Her trophy in the choir room was a well-written part of this episode.

And that’s what you missed on GLEE!