{.:.fake meat + milkshakes = oversleeping.:.}

by aproperfool

There is something about knowing that the reason that you were up so late was to be with friends, eat mystery meat at Steak & Shake, and use a jolly good British accent that makes waking up thirty minutes late for work completely worth it.

Ahhh this morning. Where to start?!

My first alarm went off at 6:00am. Which I did not hit SNOOZE for. I, rather, turned it off. I have another daily alarm that goes off at 6:30 am, which I somehow managed to subconsciously turn off. I love that my fingers can work to do exactly what I want, even when my brain has not yet emerged from its hibernation.

I am enjoying a banana nut muffin from Earthfare. With that organic muffin, I am drinking a Naked drink. This has been a very delicious breakfast, however, at a total of $4.50, I am not sure I can afford to keep up with this healthy habit. Maybe I could make my own muffins? But I imagine the ingredients for organic muffins are just as expensive as purchasing the muffins…we do have a juicer, and since the juice ($3.79 before tax) was considerably more costly than the muffins ($4.00 for a pack of 4), maybe buying fruit and producing my own juice is a viable option. We shall see. I also had this thought about my favorite coffee beverage–double tall iced white mocha. Mmmm is there anything that is more invigorating in the morning than two shots of espresso? I dare say not. My sister used to be a barista, so we had plans of grandeur of her getting up every morning to make my iced deliciousness in a cup, yet it seems that I leave far too early for it to be a daily habit. I’ll keep working on this money-saving concept. I’m terrible at it.