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by aproperfool

Music today, tomorrow, yesterday

 I am currently listening to Lykke Li and am really enjoying her almost nasal sound. It has a childlike appeal, but with more fulfilling beats that match her style perfectly. Her lyrics tend to be a bit repetitive, but her voice has a way of sounding slightly different with each repetition, as she changes her voice inflections to reach new pitches as the song continues. My favorite song, I think, is “Tonight.” Once again, somewhat repetitive, but the message comes off clearly for the listener and she keeps your attention throughout the song. A lot of Lykke Li’s press has come from her covers of various songs, one of my favorites being her version of “Knocked Up” by Kings of Leon.

Lykke Li

 Lykke Li’s latest album was released in 2008 and is titled, “Youth Novels.” Her latest single, “Possibility” is featured on the New Moon soundtrack and she recently covered “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” with a free download available at http://www.lykkeli.com/.