My great mistake, the fault for which I can't forgive myself, is that one day I ceased my obstinate pursuit of my own individuality // Oscar Wilde

{.:.alligator tears cried over you.:.}

Creme Flower

Such a simple, elegant look! Another photo from lookbook, Orenda Sophie does a great job pairing an off-white vintage-inspired dress with the stark black of her opaque hosiery. Check out more of her looks at http://mannequinmode.blogspot.com/
She has a great sense of style, and her photos show that she does not confine herself to only one look! Also, I am crazy about her hair. She kind of looks like Ashley Judd in this photo…
This look has an interesting twist–the beret/daisy duke shorts combination is adorable, and I think that she pulls it off very well. I just visited Constance’s blog and saw that she made these shorts from cut-off TopShop pants. She did a great┬ájob with the DIY! You can also view her website, which has her photography portfolio on it at: http://www.constance-victoria.co.uk/index.html.
Song of the day: “Alligator” by Tegan & Sara

BP is Not Haiti (via 365 of 35 Blog)

I found this while I was surfing other people’s blogs. I couldn’t agree more, this was well-stated.

Several of my friends on Facebook posted the following message in their status updates today: So…where are all the 'Save the Gulf' concerts? Where are the TV benefits with celebrities and musicians giving heartfelt speeches for our fisherman, wildlife, beaches, loss of income and sabotaged gulf economy? Why are we, including our own government, so quick to help other countries such as Haiti, but just sit around and wait for BP to fix this oil s … Read More

via 365 of 35 Blog