{.:.Well it’s a big big city and it’s always the same.:.}

by aproperfool


I’ve had two quite lovely mornings. Hence the lack of my “Daily morning rants.” I would hate to make something up. Contrived efforts are always obvious in writing. 

So, instead, I thought I would write about what I’ve been thinking of for the past couple of days, in light of not having a stressful morning to clog my brain. 

I have been doing a lot of research and writing this morning for my job. While sipping my now cold cup of girly pirate joe, I have been thinking of creativity. What drives it? Are we all born with it? Can we be taught to be creative? All of these things bring up the “nature vs. nurture” arguments that we have all heard until we can almost recite the debates verbatim from our professors, classmates, and work colleagues. 

Fashion sketches-not my own, but I will post some soon. :)

But really, can one be trained for creativity? I think it is a possibility, yes. At the other end of the spectrum, though, I think that some people are born with an aptitude for those right side of the brain tendencies. I like to think of myself as a creative person. Yet, somehow, in those fields of creativity, I find that there are strains. There are still boundaries that may not be crossed, and if working in a creative job setting, you must make your personal creative talents flow toward what is being asked for by the consumer. Once you get a feel for how to please this consumer, is it possible, after much repetition, to be trained into a creative mindset, just like you can for a technical career? Well, why not? The ability to predict the next up-and-coming trend can be achieved by knowing your audience. 

I guess once I have finished college and get out into the workforce, which, I hope, will be conducive to creativity in some way, I will find out for sure. 

From what I have observed, it seems that on the one hand (especially in the fashion design world) you have two types of designers–those who set the trends, and those who mimic the trends and add a bit of themselves to the latest bandwagon. This is often separated by the higher-end fashion labels versus department store labels. 

Based on that judgment, in order to really “make it” in this world of avant-garde and wearable fashion, you need to have the edge to create the trend yourself. While having the marketing skills of the trend-mimickers. Clearly without bouncing off of each other, the demographics would be small for both fields. 

All of this being said, I think that I will benefit from working for one of those bigger-named designers until I really learn the industry. Then take it by surprise, using what I have learned from those greats before me to develop my sense of style–both avant-garde and wearable. So that I can suit both. 

Unrelated note: I have a strange sharp pain in my lower back and taking a prescribed muscle relaxer will only cause sleep to be unavoidable. Muscle relaxer + coffee + coffee + coffee? Hmph. Maybe.

Song of the day: “Whistle For the Choir” by The Fratellis