{.:.i will possess your heart.:.}

by aproperfool

I think that I have ventured away from the original purpose of my blogging: fashion. Therefore, in an assignment to myself that I hope will help me to understand my own sense of style and inspire others to do the same, I will be posting one or two new photos every day for the next month.

I will be using clothing that I already own, as well as thrift store finds, altered hand-me-downs, and good ole’ innovation.

After the looks are posted, I will write estimated cost of the outfit, amount of time it took to put the look together, and what alterations (if any) had to be made in order to make the outfit a success.

Final goal of this up-and-coming month: to sell items that I no longer wear. I’ll put that information up as we go along.

Here is the official challenge: 50 looks, 30 days.

Start date: 06/21/2010

Great things that have happened on June 21?

In 1990, Nelson Mandela wore a Yankees hat in New York and proclaimed, “I am a Yankee!”

In 1982, Paul McCartney released the single “Take it Away”

In 1952, anti-protons are detected in the atmosphere.

And soon to be added to this list: Eryn challenges herself and fully intends to meet the requirements.

Song of the day: “I Will Possess Your Heart” by Death Cab for Cutie