{.:.i loved them first.:.}

by aproperfool

Alrighty, on with the countdown!

I had a casual double-date last night with my lovely boyfriend and followed it up with tagging along for poker with a bunch of guys (I outlasted some of the more “legit” players! Woot woot. Quite an accomplishment. If we don’t mention my lack of shuffling skills). I decided to be really basic: V-neck tee-shirt from Target ($8.99), white denim pants from UAL ($12.99), headband was a piece of leather I recycled from an old belt, and Italian leather sandals ($65.00)=$86.98

Time it took to get ready: About ten minutes to put hair up and get dressed. I skipped on excessive makeup.

Alterations: 1 (my pants were too long, so I cuffed them just above the bottom of my foot)

Days left: 27   ;   Outfits left: 46

Photo credits for most shots go to my big sister. If she had a better camera, she would be a fantastic creative director.