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by aproperfool

Hope all is well with my readers!

So sorry these are being uploaded late–it’s taken me a little while to download. More looks to come for today!

Today’s ensemble: Urban Outfitters skirt ($29.99), basic black tank top ($7.99), Alice of Temperley jacket ($19.99), Baker’s London shoes ($25.99), necklace ($9.99), vintage jewelry ($1.00)=$94.95

Time it took to get ready: 45 minutes. Working with the only slip I own to make it short enough was a bit of a challenge! Not to mention today’s unruly hair and the usual morning routine.

Alterations: 1 (making the slip shorter for the skirt)

Days left: 27   ;   Outfits left: 47

Song I can’t get enough of today: “Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise” by The Avett Brothers