{.:.they made a statue of us and put it on a mountain top.:.}

by aproperfool

Sorry I’m getting this post updated a little late, it was saved in my drafts. Whoops! More to come!!

Well a “Happy Tuesday” to you, too! It is going to be a long, long day. This morning started with getting up 20 minutes early to take my older sister to her vehicle, which was left at my dad’s house. As a reward for getting up early, I got a Red Eye (espresso + French roast) and a honey/cranberry/almond bagel. Talk about yumm-o! I think I may be a bagel convert!

Plans tonight include lots of girl time with my two sisters–we are going to continue our tradition of seeing the Twilight saga in theaters at midnight. I just might pass out. Another Red Eye will be a necessity, no doubt. We will watch the first two as a recap and order pizza.

What am I wearing today? Another one of the deals I got while out-of-town was this Christopher Deane knotted halter ($2.50), Urban Outfitters nautical sweater ($29.99), H&M black shorts ($24.99), Charles Albert orange suede wedges($5.00)=$62.48

Time it took to get ready: 17 minutes (I timed myself this morning!) to get dressed, do my hair, and apply minimal makeup

Alterations: 2 (the halter has a keyhole in the front of it, so I pinned a small square of lace in it and I also had to roll up my pants, yet again)

Days left: 23   ;   Outfits left: 44

One of my favorite artists is Regina Spektor. She has a beautiful voice and her lyrics are always unique–“Us” is off on the 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack and I am in love with it!