{.:.do you have this in my size.:.}

by aproperfool

I have been working on my DiY project all day. And thus far, the shirt is adorable! More photos to come when it is finished!

Today I dressed casual–Stretch skinnies ($9.99), mustard mini jacket ($19.99), black linen tank ($4.99), Paris Blues flats ($19.99), thrifted white belt ($1.00)=$55.96

Time it took to get ready: 15 minutes

Alterations: 1 (rolled jeans up)

Days left: 20   ;   Outfits left: 40

After work, I met with my older brother, his girlfriend, and my boyfriend for sushi. Mmmm sushi. I also got a rice bowl with rice on top and it was tres tres magnifique!

After dinner, I went shopping and spent way too much money on a certain semi-annual sale. Hey, they were on sale, right?