by aproperfool

I’m in the midst of making my outfit for the 4th of July. As soon as it’s finished, there will be photos galore!

What’s to come: plain white t-shirt I have made more unique + cut off patriotic shorts!

Inspiration for the shorts came from: http://www.bleachblack.com/?p=10837&cpage=1#comment-32707

Hopefully mine will turn out as cute as hers!

This second photo is of the corner of my shirt–I got this little cloth strip of Andy Warhol when I purchased one of his bags, so decided to re-use it on my shirt. There is detailing on the rest of the shirt, too. I’ll put those pictures up as soon as it’s done.

Just a heads up, I will be camping/canoeing this weekend. Therefore, posts will be a little late, but hopefully I’ll get some good photos and there will be a change of scenery (rocking the plaid, for sure!).