{.:.this looks am-air-uh-can//part1.:.}

by aproperfool

My plans for this weekend? Camping and canoeing with the family.

Water shoes? Check. Shorts? Check. Swimsuit? Check. Sunscreen for all of us who are not fortunate enough to tan? Check…Water shoes? Whoops. Forgot those.

I left early this morning to get a cheap pair so that I wouldn’t make my plaid Chucks any more worn out than they already are.

In case you’re curious as to what I am doing, let me just fill you in; my little brother was insistent upon annoying me. To avoid the annoyance, I therefore kicked him–this is mid-kick.

What I wore camping: Invisible Children handmade trucker hat ($5.00), Old Navy shorts ($15.00),  Plaid All Stars ($45.00), tribal tank ($8.00), Target swimsuit ($15.99), Ray Ban sunglasses ($10.00)=$98.99

Time it took to get ready: 6 minutes (I had to put my short hair into pigtails)

Alterations: 0

Days left: 19   ;   Outfits left: 39

This cute little doggie was laying on the floor inside of the cabin where we checked in for canoeing. He laid like this…waiting…for some lovin’.