{.:.am-air-uh-can//part2//jellyfish in the sky.:.}

by aproperfool

Hello all, I would first like to take a moment to recognize the freedoms we have been given–prime example? Freedom of speech. I get to sit online for a little while every day, telling all of you how my day is going, what clothes I am wearing, and whatever else I feel like discussing. All because of our freedom. So thanks to that and our Founding Fathers and all that jazz.

What are my plans for celebrating Independence Day? Well, first of all, I will be finishing my DiY projects that I started in my new weekly installment of “fri-diy.” Am-air-uh-can flag shorts + tee-shirt (hopefully, if I can finish it!) + swimming this afternoon in this lovely weather + bbq sandwiches + fireworks this evening.

DiY shorts project:

I started out with a pair of DKNY jeans that don’t fit anymore…

I used fabric chalk and scissors to cut the shorts to 4″ above the knee.

I expanded the seams of the shorts using a pair of plaid boxers, used the cut-off pants legs to make the cuffs of the shorts, and painted white stars on one side and red stripes on the other side.

Patriotic attire.

Not sure what I’m doing with my fingers in this photo…

My patriotic outfit: 1776 United tee-shirt ($30.00), DiY DKNY flag shorts ($3.00), plaid All Stars ($45.00), Ray Ban sunglasses ($10.00)= $88.00

Time it took to get ready: 15 minutes

Alterations: 1 (made jeans into shorts, listed above)

Days left: 18   ;   Outfits left: 39

My day was finished off with fireworks over the lake.

It was a lovely show, even if my camera doesn’t do it justice.