{.:.where ya gonna go with a heart that gone, heart that gone?.:.}

by aproperfool

This update is from last Saturday, I did not have computer access, so I’m sorry it’s coming late!

We went shopping at one of my favorite stores, UAL and I found some amazing deals! I’ll post those quite soon.

My outfit: Romper from Target ($19.99), thrifted shoes ($2.99), thrifted belt ($0.99), ribbon in my hair ($0.25)=$24.22

My pictures posted kind of funny…they’re different sizes.

Time it took to get ready: 45 minutes (curling my hair and getting it to stay up can be quite a feat!)

Alterations: 0 (everything fit perfectly today!)

Days left: 17   ;   Outfits left: 38

Song of the day: “NYC-Gone” by Connor Oberst