{.:.i’m the hero of this story, don’t need to be saved.:.}

by aproperfool

Hello my faithful readers–get ready, you’ve got 3-4 posts coming your way this evening! Somewhat out-of-order, but oh well.

Let me just fill you in on why you did not get an outfit update last night; my plans for the evening involved seeing Date Night (which was hilarious, I highly recommend) with my older sister and a friend of ours. I was running a few minutes late, so stopped by Wal-Mart to get cheap candy and committed the unthinkable–I locked my keys in my car.

No big deal, you say? Yes, most people do keep a spare key for moments such as this–they are so sensible as to either pass it on to a responsible relative, keep it hidden with the spare house key under  a small yard gnome out back, or tuck it away safely in a messy “junk” drawer. Not I, however. No, I am lacking the senses that I previously spoke of. I locked not only my primary car key in the car, on the passenger seat where I could see it taunting me, but here’s the kicker–I also locked the spare in my car. Genius, I am aware.

My sister picked me up and we saw our $1.00 movie (one of the best dollars I’ve spent yet) and we promptly called the insurance company on our way out. Dealing with said insurance company was tres difficile, and I will not bore you with the crimes they have committed against me–namely time theft.

Just know that I am deeply sorry for no updates, and I did get back into my car, one hour later.

7/7/2010’s outfit: Short sleeve blazer ($19.99), thrifted pen-stripe button down ($2.00), Deener brown cigarette skinnies ($9.99), Unisa pointy green heels ($5.00), vintage hand-me-down watch (FREE FOR ME!), Lucky Brand necklace ($75.00, but was a gift), black ribbon in hair ($0.25)= $112.23

Days left: 16   ;   Outfits left: 37