{.:.and here we go, here we go, here we go again.:.}

by aproperfool

Well, we meet again! How I have missed the daily updates of my blog.

I have been doing  a lot of thinking as of late. Some relative to fashion, but most of it is not. Hence the lack of updates. I do apologize for not continuing with my challenge. I don’t think I was happy with the way my blog was going. It seemed to be pushing more of what is already out there; just a place to photograph my cuteness. While I do love posting photo after photo of myself, I am not all that narcissistic. I would prefer to make this a place of discussion about life–where I am now, where I want to be, and where I am going.

I may not be able to keep this up daily, but I will hopefully join the ranks of the faithful bloggers some day.

All of this being said, let me fill you on what I have not shared.

I am currently unemployed. I have not been this frugal in years, mind you. I will post regularly about the trials of a frugal lifestyle. It can only be described as difficult for someone as addicted to shopping as I am. I’m doing okay so far, and am learning of better ways to spend my time and money.

Today is a perfect example–on a normal Sunday afternoon, I might go shopping or out to eat. However, I spent two lovely hours of time with myself doing some artwork and I just might heat up a frozen pizza for lunch/dinner (linner? dunch?).

I don’t spend nearly enough time to myself. I don’t like it most days. I find myself dull. I prefer the business of being around people. But my new goal is to get better at that. Just doing things I like, and only because I like them. In the most self-absorbed way. I will make single servings of dinner if no one is available. I will watch a movie I rented just for me. I will read in utter silence. I will sit with the feet in the pool and make animals out of the clouds floating above. I will exercise because I am unhappy with the way I feel. I will take my dog for a walk, without expecting to have conversation. I will do laundry on my own, rather than wait for my sister to help out. I will buy myself a coffee and turn my phone off, just to check out for a few hours.

Is this a product of loneliness (most likely not) or self-examination? I’m not really sure yet. Maybe both. Maybe I’m just sick and tired of people and feeling dependent on someone else’s happiness. I’ll just make my own.

I saw this video via StumbleUpon. It inspired me to do all of these things.

So hey. Here it goes.