{.:.cold, but sympathetic all the same.:.}

Well, let’s see here. Things that I have been up to since I have begun my solidarity.

The day I wrote this post, I hid under the brim of my hat all day, drinking a very large passion fruit tea and reading. People kind of looked at me funny. I suppose they are not used to being intentionally blocked from the eyesight of a stranger. I could see them, but they, for the most part, could not see me. I am shorter than most people, which helps.

Based on this, I will say that Day 1 of doing something all alone that just sounds relaxing was a success.

I had plans of grandeur for uploading picture upon picture of my recent two trips to Nashville. I have found some very lovely places and things. However, my computer is not cooperating, and I will therefore save that post for a little bit later.

I know you are dying to know just what my hat looked like, so here you are!

Like I said, I cannot upload photos directly to my blog, but follow the link to my lookbook.

Goodnight all!

Burgundy Cloche Hat from Tj Maxx, Fever Sweater Jacket from Stein Mart, Cre Neck Mini Dress from Tj Maxx

via LOOKBOOK.nu: “{.:.cold, but sympathetic all the same.:.}” by {.:.Eryn.:.} {.:.Elizabeth.:.}.