{.:.here’s to civic duty.:.}

by aproperfool

Goodmorning, readers.

I planned to sleep in this morning. And not the half attempted sleep, either. I had full intentions of sleeping until about 11:00 am, so that I would still have time to turn in last-minute homework, but I could avoid all other responsibilities.

This plan was thwarted by a smell in my room around 6:00 am. It was a miserably putrid smell that not only awoke me, but also forced me out of bed. As I was on my way to clean up my pup’s latest relief, I was surprised yet again. I stepped in “uh oh” #2. I love my puppy, but I definitely do not love her inability to wait until I have awakened to use the restroom.

Not to worry, I could have still slept after the cleaning. But I was then awake enough to realize how much work I intended to accomplish today, and forced myself out of bed.

I had plans of grandeur for being one of the first in line to vote, and definitely the youngest in line at this ungodly hour. Yet, alas! I forgot my driver’s license and had to turn around. Only to find out that the polls opened 30 minutes early. Thanks for the line, ballot-takers. Anyway, I voted. And it was nice. I felt like an adult. Until I realized that I didn’t keep up with who won the primaries, and just might have planned to vote for someone who wasn’t even on the ballot…whoops. I still participated, and that’s what counts.

From here on out, I will do homework until I go to class at 2:20; then I’ll go work with cupcakes! I quite enjoy my job. :)

Day 1: The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? But then again…does it require admittance if your addiction is completely obvious to everyone? I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning getting my fix…I downloaded an app on my phone for easier access…my laptop had several bookmarks aiding in my addiction…

Here goes nothing:

Hello WordPress,

My name is Eryn.

(Hi Eryn!)

And I have a problem.

I have been a Facebook addict for two years now, and am on the road to recovery!