{.:.you can come back when you need.:.}

by aproperfool

Hello WordPress!

It has been far too long since I’ve last updated. Who knew that blogging was a full-time affair? I know I didn’t!

Anyway. I’ve done it. Today I have broken the ties to all of those people that I do not see, do not actually talk to, and do not really like. This may only be temporary, but I feel quite liberated. I can breathe and know that not everyone is watching. It’s nice to know that I don’t need to keep up with the lives/gossip of people that I was never really friends with, and it’ll be fun to see who I actually keep in touch with.

It’s strange how social networking can simultaneously connect and distance us from each other. I have kept in touch with so many people this way for the past three years, and have not seen most of them in at least two [this makes for awkward accidental meetings, as we both know plenty of information about each other, yet don’t actually know each other].

Somehow, I’ve let that be okay. I’ve let those friends that I cared about go by the wayside, as I was an onlooker to their lives. I didn’t need to call on their birthdays–I could just write on their walls. I didn’t need to meet up with them to talk, I had chat.

Here’s to hellos and goodbyes.

Facebook and I are taking a break.

Get ready for useless rants/updates, since I’ll need a venue for weening myself off of telling 300+ people all about my day, i