{.:.In time I’d find a little way to your heart, down to the general store for nothing specific.:.}

by aproperfool

It’s day four of my sabbatical. Facebook, fair thee well, as I make better use of my time. And it has me thinking about a lot of things.

School. I am in the process of transferring colleges and it is such a tedious undertaking. I had always planned on transferring, and therefore attended the local community college to get basic classes out of the way while I figured out what my “real” major would be.

I think that staying so close to home has really helped me to discover my passion in the field of art. I don’t think that I could be fully content doing anything else. If I had gone away to school, I would not have had the time to myself to discover my love for fashion or my inability to sit still for long. I am constantly bored. Constantly looking for new ways to better myself and my ideas.

Schools have me stressed, though. They don’t see all of this about me. They see an application with straight A’s (okay, a B or two) for the past two years at a local community college. They see me as a number, just another applicant who thinks they are better than the last stack of fifty. So how do you make yourself stand out when everything you think you’ve accomplished can fit onto two pages of paper, neatly spaced out so that it looks bigger than it really is?

There are books to be read about it, there are blogs that claim to know, there is an endless line of support made up of family and friends who all have an opinion on how to make sure that your piece of paper shines, and not just because of the pile of glitter your younger fans suggested. But if we are all different anyway, why are we viewed as a lump group of people that are all hoping for the same thing?

Maybe being “different” of “unique” is all really a myth–everything we do is influenced by something or someone else. We call it inspiration, but is it really just a mode of copying someone else’s ideas?

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.