{.:.you’re bad news, bad news, bad news.:.}

by aproperfool

Well, this evening is considerably longer than anticipated.

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I absolutely love scary movies. However, this movie had me covering my eyes and ears (yes, my ears somehow allow me to still see what’s happening…yes, I am 5). In hindsight, it wasn’t that scary. However, I did practically beg for late-night re-run watching company, but settled for a nice speaker phone “conversation” filled with canned laughter from the Cosby show on one end, and silent internet searching/blog reading on the other end.


In desperation, I found myself watching the latest episode of The Office. Mmm the soothing entertainment of a faux Gaga man.

Unrelated to this: check out Allison’s blog. We work together. She decorates cupcakes. And her blog is adorable.