{.:.alabama, arkansas i do love my mom and pa, but not the way that i love you.:.}

by aproperfool

Good morning/afternoon!

Wow, this has been a busy week! It all began with school/work/babysitting…or was that how it ended? Hm. Yes to both. Now, I am doing homework. But in my usual procrastination, I decided to write to you all instead.

This morning, I delivered a “hey thanks for wiping the toilet seat before I planted my face there” cupcake. And in return, a free coffee! Thanks to Corrine (check out her blog–http://corrineplainandsimple.tumblr.com/)

{.:.i planned to put a photo of my coffee here, with a confused guy sitting at a table in the background, but am still getting the photo error when i use pics from my phone.:.lesigh.:.}

Moving on now.

I spent 30 minutes this morning watching Netflix on my phone. I literally no longer need a laptop. Well…maybe I do when my fat fingers decide to hit too many buttons at once on my phone, sending my spell checker into a frenzy.

This post is completely random. I usually attempt a theme, but I’m thinking the extra espresso is to blame for the sporadic thoughts…and possibly also for my eyes being very open now.

Hey, congrats to me for being off of Facebook for an entire week today! Maybe, if I never get on it again, I can get some type of tattoo that chronicles my clean years, via Russel Brand…but then again, I think that those who have real addictions might be offended, and I will therefore just tell everyone who reads my blog about my Facebook-free life. Yay for circular conversations!

{.:.yes, I know you can’t see the alleged tattoo I spoke of earlier, but this picture makes me giggle. therefore, it won.:.}

Unrelated to anything else in this post:

I am sorry for offending you/your cupcake when I called it ugly. Tehe.