{.:.the stitches in your winter clothes.:.}

by aproperfool

{.:.Yesterday, Lucas spent about 45 minutes playing music. I secretly took a photo of this moment.:.}

I have a bad habit of procrastinating (this is unrelated to the photo, in case you didn’t realize that). I will begin to do things weeks in advance, and somewhere in the middle, I decide that I write better the night before when I can really “feel” my deadline.

Despite this knowledge, I am still stressed out to the point that I have become an unrecognizable, angry being who no longer even resembles my “usual” self. But if this is the constant due to the procrastination disease, am I then actually disagreeable?! Let’s hope not.

In keeping with my Facebook addiction, or what once was, I have regained a slight connection via twitter.My user name is doue_fille, so follow me!

{.:.I will attempt to not put much stock in my twitter account, otherwise I will face the same problem as with Facebook.:.}