by aproperfool

{.:.I finally got some pictures to upload from my phone! So for your viewing pleasure…Nashville photos!.:.}

{.:.Imogene and Willie.:.}

My favorite thing about this store is that you can see the people making the clothing in the next room! They have their patterns hanging from the ceilings, and they have a denim lab that you can peek into to see them dyeing the fabrics.


{.:.The Hip Zipper.:.}

The Hip Zipper is such an adorable store! They have a fantastic selection of vintage clothing which includes menswear, shoes, jewelry, women’s clothing, and even some children’s clothes.

{.:.United Apparel Liquidators.:.}

I cannot get enough of this store! There are four locations, and I used to frequent the one in Hattiesburg before I moved. Now, I will travel to Nashville to get the AMAZING bargains! The majority of my unique clothing is from this store. In short, I love it.

{.:.The Dog of Nashville.:.}

OH WOW. I don’t know that I could come up with something bad to say about The Dog of Nashville. It has a very large menu, the hotdogs are well-priced, they have a homemade beer mustard. Yummy.

{.:.Bookman Bookwoman.:.}

I absolutely love secondhand bookstores. Who needs a brand new book when you can get one with a story behind it. I especially like to find little notes in the margin, or a letter in the from from the giver to the receiver if it is a gift. It makes it a bit more magical.

{.:.The WIld Cow.:.}

Yum, yum. I don’t know that I am usually a fan of vegetarian cuisine, but the Wild Cow made me rethink that position! Everything was absolutely delicious, and it was a fun atmosphere.


{.:.If I find any extra photos, I’ll post them later.:.}