{.:.guess I got just what I wanted.:.}

by aproperfool

I have been blog surfing all morning. I love days like this–it’s overcast, and all I need is my laptop and my coffee to snuggle up with.

So guess what I found?! Some amazing photos that remind me to be warm (even if Alabama isn’t all that cold…) thanks to luxe + lillies.

Let me get you in my warm mood; imagine now

{.:.an overcast sky before noon.:.}

{.:.birds flying south.:.}

{.:.hot chocolate.:.}


{.:.cozy sweatshirts.:.}

Are you ready now? If you’re not, I am! Here we go!

{.:.this kitchen is…absolutely beautiful…I need/want it…now.:.}

{.:.coolest chandelier ever.:.}

{.:.Yay for Sweater Weather!.:.}