{.:.side chignon love.:.}

by aproperfool

I am in love love love with this hairstyle! Thanks to Jo, I am now going to spend my afternoon with bobby pins and a curling iron. I’ll post pics of the outcome soon, soon.

{.:.and, of course, you know my obsession with red hair.:.yay for the tutorial!.:.}

So, I was planning on driving my older sister to work this morning. She works at a coffee shop, and it is a good way for me to be forced out of bed in the morning and get some work done in a quiet and adorable place. However, I refused her alarm clock, and got there about an hour and a half later. Not too bad, I don’t suppose. Plus, I feel extra committed since I was walking through the rain on a morning slightly warmer than yesterday’s–in the upper 50s. Not too bad. Any excuse for a hat/scarf/coat combo is okay by me.

{.:.this is my Tuesday morning haven.:.}