{.:.you gotta lose a couple fights to win.:.}

Good morning readers!

This week is seemingly NEVER ENDING. Like that movie with the giant dog that flies? Some of you will know what I’m rambling about.

I worked last night and in my usual absent-mindedness, I forgot to change out of my flats and into my Toms/Keds/tennis shoes. Yes, I’m sure you’re all thinking that it can’t be much different–that Toms and Keds offer no support anyway…but WOW. My feet were in so much pain! I had to soak them in the bathtub when I got home, just before I passed out.

Yesterday was an all-around drab day. I wanted to spend my morning outdoors, enjoying the lovely sunshine and cool weather, but rather, was stuck inside writing a paper that was due in the afternoon, which I had (ONCE AGAIN) over-procrastinated on. Quite badly this time. Nonetheless, I finished my paper, turned it in, and drove straight to work.

But this tree made my day. It is so pretty. I took the picture at the beginning of the week when it was raining, but as I do not have a photo from yesterday’s blue skies, I will upload it now, anyway.

Unrelated note: Allison and I are going to Nashville tomorrrow! We thought that with Thanksgiving coming up, we would be working on Sunday (unusual for cupcakes; we are closed Sundays). But alas! We will get to go after all. UAL, here we come!