I got home tonight and was welcomed by the delicious odor of garbage that I needed to take out yesterday, dishes that have been waiting two days, and a lovely little present from my Buffs.

Needless to say, I had more than mild annoyance and was ready to hit someone. As I began cleaning, I thought about the things I should be thankful for, rather than being disgruntled at the fact that (1) I am lazy and (2) I have been given too much, which makes messes easier.

So here we are, this is a very small portion of my very long list of thankfulness:

{.:.some of my family.:.I don’t have a full picture, unfortunately.:.but they are all very important to me–my grandfather, as he is being inducted into the Hall of Fame, my older sister and BFF, and my little sister.:.}

{.:.just a few of my great friends–Mr. SEAN THOMPSON, Nicholas Franklin, and my sister, again.:.the ones I have photos of, anyway.:.

and yes, that is Jake in a pink, girly hat.:.Kelsey is oh-so scary next to that animal, and she is my all-time fave.:.}

{.:.kick ass trips with new friends.:.WTF, Allison? Why are there no photos with you in them?!.:.}


{.:.and lastly, I thought about Lucas .:.FYI, this one time when we were at B&N, I decided I liked you a lot as you were calling me lame for not listening to Okkervil River previously.:.you were a music snob, and I was hooked.:.}