{.:.all I want for Christmas is you.:.}

by aproperfool

So what am I spending my morning/afternoon doing?

Well, it started off with sleeping very late for me…10:20 or so. When I awoke, I realized that I had three missed calls, a voicemail, and a text message. From Lucas. Who came back to town early to hang out with me for work. He does not usually do this, so I was very excited, albeit late for our meeting.

We did some window shopping, I bought my mom a Christmas present…sat in the car while he ate lunch…then, he found it. I have been trying to hide it for some time now…one of his Christmas presents. I accidentally left it in the car. Whoops, I guess he gets half of it early. :)

I picked out the present when I went to The Deep (comic book store). The guy working was super nice, and I talked to him about what comics he was especially fond of, and what books helped to really make him passionate about comics. He said that his defining comic book moments came from his voting for Robin to be killed by the Joker while he was in a drug store; it cost seventy-five cents, and he remembers being stoked about being a part of it. So I bought four of those, and he decided to sell them for an incredible price. Yay for gift-giving.

Anyway, on to some things I’ve been finding online that I am IN LOVE with:


{.:.these moccasins are so adorable, and they are Hitchcock themed–what’s not to love?.:.}


{.:.I could even wear my Hitchcock shoes with this adorable bow belt! I’ve been stalking the maker’s blog for a few weeks now. You should check it out.:.}


{.:.these little dove earrings are cute and are for a great cause.:.}


{.:.you can buy baby chicks for a family/community in a third world country; you get a little card to give as a gift, not to mention that they are so darn cutesy.:.}


{.:.ilove zippers on just about anything, especially these gloves.:.}



{.:.thank you, J Crew for effectively making me drool over things I can’t afford; unrelated, yet slightly related note: ILOVESEQUINS.:.}




{.:.everything about Free People’s clothing makes me remember why I love fashion. I want a maxi skirt to wear every day of my life; and also, lots of lace.:.}