{.:.so, you think you can handle the truth?.:.}

by aproperfool

This was my outfit for Sunday brunch with my grandparents. We had a lovely time and getting dressed up was a lot of fun, too.

{.:.outfit deets.:.}

{.:.silk dress from UAL.:.}

{.:.red jacket was a gift.:.}

{.:.black booties from Payless.:.}

{.:.opaque tights from UAL.:.}

I’m spending my morning watching Mesotopia, a dystopian sci-fi movie about Europe after the oil reserves have run out. It’s very interesting so far, but there are a few glitches with the animation; namely, the fact that their mouths open very abruptly, making it look unnatural, and the characters are very 2D against their surroundings, making them look kind of like the South Park. The story is great so far, though!