by aproperfool

This year has been exceedingly lovely.

I always enjoy the time with my family, but sometimes it’s just extra special. This year, I’ll attribute it to the snow.

{.:.Yes, it snowed in Alabama, Y’ALL.:.}

And now, inspired by another blog, I feel that I need to introduce myself to some of my readers, and will now tell you about myself:

1. I really, really love to unwrap presents. There’s just something about ripping up beautiful paper that makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

2. I like to wrap presents just as much as I love to open them. When I get around to wrapping, I like to use non-traditional items as wrapping paper. For example, last year, I wrapped every present in newspaper, used cut up price tags for tape, and made bows and ribbon from cut up plastic bags. To make them extra fancy, I sometimes use the pages of W Magazine because they’re much larger than normal magazines.

3. I love to cook. I tend to get excited when cooking even simple things such as Ramen, and feel that adding many spices to it make it extra special, not to mention extra yummy.

4. I shy away from sweets generally, but if I get a craving for something, I recommend that you do not stand in my way.

5. I absolutely love antique sewing machines, and when I see them in thrift stores, I feel the urge to rescue them, not that space permits me doing so. I want to make furniture out of them, but that’s just impractical.

6. I have an affinity for coats/jackets/ layers. I find that it is the perfect accessory and can always accentuate an outfit! I think I’m getting close to about 10 right now, and have found another on J. Crew that is on sale until tomorrow, and I’m afraid I just CAN’T pass it up.

7. I tend to be really cheap when I shop for basic items, but if I see the detail in something, such as extra pretty buttons or hand-sewing, I don’t mind paying for it.

8. I am transferring schools soon, and I’ll now admit that I’m actually pretty nervous about it, despite my being in my third year of college.

9. I’m not good at dealing with rude people. Especially people that I do not know very well. If I am going out of my way to be kind to them, then what is their excuse for being mean to me?

10. My favorite part of family gatherings is trying to remember little stories that are seemingly unimportant to outsiders. Last night, we were all confused as to how we each lost our first teeth, and wound up on a completely unrelated story about a random neighborhood girl falling from our monkey bars…we thought that traumatizing event had been one of us. Whoops.