{.:.all weaving, all the time.:.}

by aproperfool

Last week, Allison and I had a lovely day full of weaving! We picked the yarn out a few days prior, and got a huge bundle for $14.00. It was amazing to me that all that thread became a scarf in one day! Allison took me through the process of winding the yarn around the peg board (I’m sure none of this will be in the proper technical terminology…sorry, Allison, that part didn’t stick), we thread the loom, and WHAM! we were ready to weave. Now, don’t get your hopes up; I was not a weaving master. I got through about five inches of the pattern in 45 minutes, and Allison took over and finished it about half an hour later. So needless to say, I was impressed.

Dimensions: 6′ x 12″ including fringe

I have already had hundreds of requests for scarves, so it looks like I’ll stick with this as a hobby. I quite enjoyed it.

All right, here are the photos, enough of my rambling.

I know you probably want more photos, so check out our joint blog: http://uncommonoccurrence.wordpress.com/!

Again, I apologize for the lack of links…they aren’t taking for some reason.