{.:.Franklin//Nashville//Where to go? (part 3).:.}

by aproperfool

SO, if you only have time to visit two places in the Nashville area, what would I recommend? With all of the delicious and fun places I found yesterday, it is so difficult to choose! I’ll base this on where we spent the most time/money:

Grimey’s Basement : We must have spent almost two hours here! I bought some great used cds, totalling around $30 for all four of them. Here’s what I got: The Boxer Rebellion/”Union”, Cate Le Bon/”Me Oh My”, Rilo Kiley/”More Adventurous”, and Cat Power/”Jukebox.” It was pretty magical. Lucas and Jake also made purchases, though I can’t quite remember what they got (I’ll post about them later, maybe?).

Savant: ohmygoodness I did not want to leave!!! She has an AMAZING selection of couture vintage clothing; I found tons of Neiman Marcus dresses that were well-priced, handbags that had never been used, and let’s just take a moment to honor her boot collection! Dear God, the woman has taste! Every inch of her store is covered with home furnishings, old telephones (even one shaped like the Enterprise…you Trekkies out there will appreciate this), and accessories. I became particularly attached the handbag I’m holding in the photo above, and wanted to use its patent leather goodness for a laptop bag. Only downside? I didn’t bring my laptop, and wasn’t sure about the measurements. I will, however, be returning and hopefully reuniting with this BNWT black, patent steal of the day, for only $70. MM, yes.

Wow, it’s almost midnight, and I could still rant about the lovely things we found yesterday.