{.:.Franklin//Nashville//Where to go?(part 1).:.}

by aproperfool

Lucas, Jake, and I went to Franklin and Nashville yesterday! We found some truly amazing places–enjoy!

{.:.Where to go Franklin//Nashville.:.}

{.:. 1//Ivey Cake : While walking in downtown Franklin, I found this cutesy little cupcake shop! It’s very similar to where I work, but the cupcakes are a bit smaller. I got a chocolate-covered coconut cupcake, and it was oh-so tasty! – 2/Rock Paper Scissors : Also in downtown Franklin, Rock Paper Scissor has loads of adorable stationary, hand-printed cards, and wrapping paper. I have a soft spot for paper items. – 3/Haven: There were quite a few boutiques in downtown Franklin, but this is one of the ones that stood out the most! While it is pricey, it is definitely worth stopping by, even if it is out of your price range; their decorations are rustic and earthy, and full of detail. – 4/Franklin Tea : Lucas was so excited about this store! He loves tea, and was very impressed with their loose-leaf selection. They also had an adorable little tea set on sale. Too bad we didn’t get to buy it. – 5/Crema : Crema in Nashville is literally one of the BEST coffee places I have ever visited! I was so impressed with the laid-back atmosphere, their passion for coffee, and the friendly people there. Did I mention that they have Wi-Fi? Yep, win.