{.:.Franklin//Nashville//Where to go?(part 2).:.}

by aproperfool

And yet some more places to visit!

{.:.1//Lulu: unfortunately, this little shop in Franklin does not yet have a website, but according to the shop owner, it’s coming soon! It is DEFINITELY worth the drive, though! It is decorated with so many one-of-a-kind pieces of art, is full of Anthropologie-esque decor, and they even have locally created jewelry. Favorite new place, for sure. – 2/Elder’s Bookstore : Literally is full of books that you WILL NOT FIND elsewhere! They have a very extensive collection of books of all ages, and their antiques are impressive, especially for an avid collector. – 3/Philanthropy : “Fashion + Compassion” is their statement; I am in love with all that they do! When I enter the fashion industry, I hope to make a lasting impact in the same way that they do. Internship, maybe? I think yes. – 4/Rock Block Guitars : I know that I’m not exactly musically inclined, but even I was excited to be in this store! They had so much equipment that I am now eager to learn! Lucas had a fun time, and is now in need of 64763475437676597656854 dollars so that he can buy everything there…anyone wanna volunteer? – 5/Avec Moi : Another locally owned store in Franklin that, unfortunately, does not have a website. That’s okay, though. I loved them, anyway! They had cutesy candles, furniture, dishes, and just about anything you need for a fancy dinner party (even little place cards with silverware printed on them!).