My great mistake, the fault for which I can't forgive myself, is that one day I ceased my obstinate pursuit of my own individuality // Oscar Wilde

][Fri-DiY: Necklace display][ (via an uncommon occurrence)

Allison and I spent about an hour making this cute headboard replacement/functional wall art/cutesy jewelry hanger.

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][Fri-DiY: Necklace display][ Hello readers! Allison and I set out to create a holder for her many adorable necklaces today! She got quite a few for Christmas, so having a place to keep them from getting tangled, while still being adorable was a necessity. First thought? The picture frames that we are repurposing as a collage of wall hangers for her living room (coming soon). We went to what we like to call the "smelly thrift store," AKA the one with the best finds! Their fra … Read More

via an uncommon occurrence

{.:.sometimes, the bed is all I need.:.}

Heads up, this post will be EVERYWHERE.

So, to kickstart my resolutions, I have been to the gym once, gone jogging (walking) once, and have met with a personal trainer. I realize that many of you are probably asking “why??” to the physical trainer, but I decided that having some help going over what steps I can take to be an all-around healthier me would be a good idea. Also, I am not too fond of a few areas of my body (cough*thighs*cough), and wanted to see just how out of shape I have gotten, and what improvements need to be made immediately.

Let me just say, I was completely shocked to find out that I am not considered to be out of the “optimum” level of body fat. Mostly due to my bad eating habits and lack of organized physical activity over the past three years, I assumed that the 10 lbs I have gained since high school was very unhealthy. I guess not, though he did say toning was a necessity. Yay for that!

Today, I woke up at 5am because of a bad dream (Yes, I am 8). I couldn’t go back to sleep until around 7:30 this morning…I don’t want to let little things bother me to the point that I lose sleep over them. I know what the cause of the dream was, I’m just not so sure how to get rid of the feeling I have over the subject matter. I suppose that brings me back to my list of resolutions! Yep, the spirituality aspect. I’ll be posting more on this later.

Do you ever feel sometimes that even though your blog is YOUR place, and it is full of YOUR thoughts, you must watch what you say to avoid offending someone reading? I hate that feeling. I might start a blog under an alias where I can use it more of a personal diary, and write things that I am too ashamed to say out loud, or that I am too afraid will offend someone close to me.

There are two women next to me discussing their kids’ grades. Her son is failing college. I feel for her. It is so difficult to try to motivate someone, or tell them not to go any further with the mistakes they are making, because you have done the same thing. Can any two experiences ever be the EXACT same thing? Do they differ at all, or can we boil them all down to several people repeating the same process, hoping for a different outcome (aka, Einstein’s formula for stupid)?

I feel like this post is completely unrelated to anything I’ve posted before, and is full of my frustrations.

Fun fact: my clothing and makeup reflects my moods. Last week, I wore no makeup, and wore comfortable clothes that were cute, but not over the top. Today, at the height of this too-long week, I am wearing heel booties, I have not combed my hair, as I am attempting “bed head,” I am wearing eyeliner and eyeshadow, a too-big purple and black plaid shirt, and an oversized Sanctuary brand sweater to keep me warm and confuse my brain into thinking I’m still in bed.

This makes me giggle.

But hey, in my eternally optimistic state of mind, I will now revert to telling you all that Allison and I are FINALLY going to thrift/cook/sketch today. All afternoon, to be exact. Let me just say that it is exactly what I need to be in less of a grump mood.