{.:.lusty, long Thursday.:.}

by aproperfool

First off: has anyone else recently been bombarded with the new sculpture trend of pencil carving art?! Maybe I’m a little late on this bandwagon, but let me just say: I WANT SOME.

The first photo, of a button carved into pencil describes me perfectly; writing/sewing/LOVE. And the second photo with the alphabet would make a really awesome shadow box display. Alas, do not get your hopes up, Allison and I will not be venturing into the lead-carving world any time soon, so unless we buy some of these cuties and just to a DiY on displaying, no post of our creative genius.

And now that we are all finished gawking over the amazing sculptures, let me just tell you all about my day. First, I visited a personal trainer, where I learned that I am only marginally out of shape. Well, that was until we got to ab workouts. Thank goodness that was last, my poor little body couldn’t handle ANY MORE! And we only did two labor-intensive minutes of flutter kicks, pikes, and pressy-thingies (yes, this is the technical terminology).

From there, I met some friends for coffee and lunch, and on to class I went. The Victorian Novel will be the death of me; seven novels, two of which are over 500 pages. Yep, Middle March and Great Expectations will have to be placed beside my grave, as they will be the primary cause of my death. And guess what else I’m getting to do this semester?! Precal. Online. To some of you, math is super easy and you are scoffing at my lack of numeral knowledge. However, I usually make my math professors my closest allies when taking their course. They begin to understand the way I think, what questions I will be asking, and what I am not understanding so that I am not 100% confused by the time the semester ends. But an ONLINE CLASS?! This will be a fun-filled semester.

On a lighter, happier note: I am making spaghetti (commonly pronounced “sk-e-T”) and having a few friends over to partake in the yumminess! If you have never used ground turkey in your spaghetti instead of ground beef, I highly recommend it! It has the same consistency when cooked as the ground beef, but has hardly any grease to drain before you plop it into your tasty sauce.