{.:.creative bubble.:.}

by aproperfool

I want an entire sewing room. I want to be dressed adorable and look this perfect when I am cooking, sewing, or otherwise doing less-than attractive-worthy activities. I want my sewing machine to be vintage and adorable (but still work) and to pick up the subtle shades of blue found in this orange sweetheart chair (after I rip that awful ruffle off of the bottom of the chair, that is). I want all of this to be inspirational enough for me that I actually make time for productivity.

Whew. So many thoughts today after a short, but much-needed thrifting outing yesterday with Lucas! I did not buy anything, but was definitely inspired to take my big 1940s sewing machine, Hank to get fixed. He just doesn’t want to accept the bobbin. Le sigh. I will make it work and make pretty things! But until then, just this post.