{.:.see how they’re shorter.:.}

by aproperfool

The days are so short! Well, the days are of course the same, but the amount of time that I get to spend in daylight is depressingly short. I went to bed around 1 am last night, and was not-so-kindly awakened around 7 am by the very strange knocking sound that comes from my water heater. I was actually feeling well-rested, however, on principle, I forced myself back to sleep for two hours, and was then lazing around when I decided that I needed to get dressed and be productive for the day. I have already wasted over five hours of daylight, and I just got out of bed! This makes me sad. I want to spend the day outdoors, but alas, it is thirty degrees. I was comforted, however, by the fact that in Wisconsin (thanks to Tyler’s FB), it is -12 degrees, yet feels like -31 degrees. Ouch.

Anyway. My plan for today is to spend the remaining hours I have doing fun things such as Accounting II, read Silas Marner, and you know what? I think I’ll throw some Precal in there. Just for extra measure. Maybe I can make-up for lost hours this way? Doubtful.

I work with cupcakes today. Again. I love cupcakes. They are so adorable. But I think I’m done eating them for quite a while! I cannot stand that much frosting, and the thought alone of eating that much sugar is making me ill. Of course, this is no judgment of Allison’s baking abilities. They are very tasty; I’m just done for a long while.

During the course of my typing this, I have been eating cheesy enchilada soup with a side of crackers. I have been so wrapped in thought that I had no idea I consumed my small package of two crackers. Whoops.

Hey look! An outfit post!

{:.:Outfit Deets:.:}

.:.Urban Outfitters skirt

.:.thrifted menswear shoes

.:.Forever 21 light grey shirt

.:.Urban Outfitters sweater tights (such a great investment; who even needs pants when you can wear SWEATERS ON YOUR LEGS?!)

I hope you all have a great weekend! I am going to see Fences and Against Me! tonight! Eeeek.

Hey remember this post? The title is from that song.

I really love this song a lot. And I plan to dance all nighttttt.