Slaw burger heaven (via an uncommon occurrence)

by aproperfool

Wondering what I’ve been up to lately? Well, other than not being diligent with posting about my life, I’ve been finding new projects to take on with Allison. We had a very successful trip to Fayetteville, and I bought a ton of fabric (that you’ll get to see SOON!)! So keep checking back. I’m hoping to have photos of the fabric, as well as sketches of the designs I hope to accomplish within the week; assuming that Precalculus/Accounting/Printmaking don’t kill me first. Did I mention that I have a paper due Thursday and am going to Nashville with Mary to help with wedding plans Tuesday?!

Slaw burger heaven What a day, what a day. I needed some fabric for a project I am working on, and what better place to go than Sir's in Fayetteville, TN. If you've never been, as I'm sure most of you haven't, it's a wonderful resource for factory remnants. They have a HUGE selection of both apparel and upholstery fabrics for, on average, less than $5 a yard. They also had a January sale going on where their killer prices were marked down even further. Eryn had nev … Read More

via an uncommon occurrence