{.:.more lovelies.:.}

by aproperfool

Does anyone else miss the warm summer days? I never thought I’d admit it, but here I am, tired of the snow, wanting for Spring fashion.

Today, I am dedicating various findings to some of my readers–but of course they are for everyone to enjoy!

Allison would absolutely die for a cowl scarf that uses wool this thick and warm! If only the season wasn’t ending.

This dress would be just adorable on my sister, Kelsey; sorry, no link for a blog (yet!).

THIS MAKES ME WANT TO VISIT SEATTLE/PORTLAND, pronto! So, Kelsey, let’s get on that!

My friend, Mary, is getting married! This is exactly her style, but it is just so darn cute//ALSO, I’m thinking this (or if I could afford it, this) is something blue (other than your shoes, that is!).

Emily will be guest-blogging for me and/or Uncommon Occurrence soon! I think she would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this necklace for the following reasons: it has a lovely color combination of blue, purple, and gold; it is vintage-y; it is delicate, yet a statement. Just like Em.

I recently gained a new reader! Her name is Sarah. I love the blogging community. So to welcome her–here’s some extra lovely! I think this book is a great idea, especially if you’re in need of inspiration (aren’t we all?!). And wouldn’t it look adorable on just about any shelf?

Heather is becoming a Mommy, so why not have some adorable bedding?

If I haven’t picked something out for you, don’t fret! I’ll be doing posts like this more often. It was quite fun.