by aproperfool

Have any of you seen Brothers & Sisters? After my shameful indulgence into The Secret Life of the American Teenager (yes, I watched seasons 1-5 in two weeks), I moved on to Brothers & Sisters, which is also on Netflix’s Instant Queue. Oh-em-gee. It is entertaining, and the first few episodes took a bit of effort to get into, but now that I’m finishing up the first season, I am getting emotionally attached to every character; I can understand Nora’s pain in finding out about her late husband’s divorce, and I can also understand how Holly and Nora’s husband’s illegitimate child, Rebecca, cannot stay out of Nora’s way. WOW, do I sound like a soap-addict, or what?!

Yesterday, for dinner at my grandparent’s house, I donned an amazing floor-length pleated skirt that I found for only $4.00 while thrifting, my $5.00 thrifted boots from Texas, and a tank that I’ve had for years. It was lovely. Did I mention that my hair refused to get flat, to which I was eternally grateful?!