{.:.Sea of Love.:.}

by aproperfool

Three years ago, I went on an amazing trip as a present from my mom for graduation. My mom + my older sister + me, ahhh what a lovely time. Our first stop was Rome, Italy. We arrived a day before our tour group so that we could do our own shopping/exploring.

We shopped in the square and found an amazing little indie shop, which I bought a pair of beautiful distressed red denim pants. I was in love, I did not want to take them off and convinced myself that they really do match everything. They were the perfect accessory.

Well, today, I am donning my red pants in hopes that they will fit again! They were really tight when I first purchased them, and my slight growth in the last three years has just proved to be a little bit too much for them. But I am determined to have them back in my wardrobe!!

{.:.Rome, Italy–wasn’t my hair just way cooler back then?!.:.}

{.:.Red pants, yeah yeah yeah! Venice, Italy.:.}

{.:.Kelsey and I on the 12+ hour drive to Lucerne, Switzerland.:.}

{.:.Centre Pompidou Paris, France.:.}

{.:.”Look Left” & The Great Scotland Yard London, England.:.}

I think I’ll go back to Europe and live there at some point. We visited so many beautiful places–Salisbury is one that is not pictured, but is gorgeous and small and I am in love with it. Plus, we had to ride the Chunnel to get there. And that’s basically the coolest.

PS pics of today’s outfit are to follow!