{.:.falling up.:.}

by aproperfool

Hello readers! Wow, I can’t believe how long it has been since I have posted! Since 2/23, I have turned 21, I have considered dropping the dreaded Printmaking class (jury’s still out on that one), I have dedicated most free time to studying/hwk/sewing, and I’ve been all-around missing sleep! Let’s just say I will not be missing this semester when it is over. AT ALL.

So here’s a recap! My 21st birthday was absolutely splendid–I visited my first bar at midnight 2/23, and ordered my first drink with Lucas and Ian. I was treated by Sir Ian to a Long Island Iced Tea. Then I had another. And a cake shot? Don’t know what exactly it was, but it tasted just like creme brulee! Next up: Mimosas with Allison, Bandito with Allison and Kelsey, and finally dinner at Nick’s Ristorante with my mom and step-dad. It was so fancy and lovely and because I was exhausted from the night before, I fell asleep at ten. Night following: out with the girls I work with for drinks, dinner, and a yumm-o cake, courtesy of Lauren! Finally for that extended weekend, we ended it with seeing Cursive at the Bottletree in Birmingham. Such a lovely birthday, and I haven’t even gotten to the big family dinner! That was this past weekend, and my friends Emily and Kelsey came into town, along with my older brother and his girlfriend. The amount of celebration has left me exhausted when mixed with all of my coursework!

Every spare moment has been spent in the Print lab, as I struggled with the lithography process. I have determined that I am much more fond of drawing; you have the option of erasing; you can always fix something you have messed up. In printmaking, you do not have that luxury, and I have had to start over multiple times, especially on the lithography. Whew, that was miserable, but it is now turned in!

Allison and I have been hard at work with the Anti-Fashion show this coming Saturday, and I don’t want to spoil it by putting any finished looks up! But maybe I can tease you with these photos–I’m sure you’ll be just as excited as we are to see the finished products, and we have worked so hard to get all of our pieces to come together in a cohesive mini collection. The collaboration process has been trying, but I think we are both very excited for the outcome, and all of our collected stress and arguing to combine our very separate voices has made it even better than it would have been had we created separately (I realize this sentence is confusing, but I’m too hyped on coffee to edit).