{.:.Nashville:.:city guide.:.}

by aproperfool

Hello my dears.

I have so much to tell all of you. First off: I am now getting back into my blogging routine. I have dropped Printmaking, and am making time for better grades in my remaining three classes, sewing in my spare time, a second job, rekindling/cultivating friendships, and of course I won’t be leaving you out–BLOGGING. AND MORE BLOGGING.

So, in case you forgot, I LOVE LOVE Nashville. My favorite thing about it is that I never seem to visit the same places, and if I do, I at least try to experience it in a different way. And this trip was no exception. Lucas came up with the idea to take me to Nashville for a belated 21st birthday/1 year anniversary (awww)/let’s do something not stressful day. We kicked it off early, cute outfits abound, and nothing but sunshine, music blaring, and of course my rambling generated by the new Vogue magazine (and this even caused him to reference Marc Jacobs later in the day).

First stop once out of ole’ Bama was Crema. Because we were both in need of our caffeine drips. So we got a lovely three cup French Press (Guatemalan). And it was quite delicious. You may remember that we visited this coffee shop previously, but I did at least get a different type of coffee! And you just can’t pass up some of the best coffee I’ve had. Ever. If you get the chance, I definitely recommend it! And you might as well set aside a couple of hours, because we were disappointed in having to leave. While I’m talking about coffee, I would also like to recommend Fido, which is in the trendy Hillsboro Village shopping area. The barista informed me that they recently switched to a local, organic milk for all of their drinks; you can tell. Like wow, they are surprisingly richer and sweeter, even with my quad shot 16 oz iced latte. Yep, normally bitter, but surprisingly sweet.

Lucas made this trip “all about me,” so from Crema, we went to a couple of thrift stores! Unfortunately, the prices were a little high, but we found some pretty cool things–like a miniature Hank Williams Jr. I mean, who doesn’t want one of those?! And the camera collection at Cool Stuff Weird Things was one of the most impressive I’ve seen in a while; if I had more photography knowledge, I might have been more inclined to purchase one. All I could currently do with one of these beauties would be to display them.

I think I actually got the thrifting out of order with our visit to Local Honey! It is in the Belmont/Hillsboro area, and had so many adorable things! I cannot even describe to you–their collection of vintage was as impressive as the locally produced clothing. I was completely smitten with a little velour sweatshirt/sweater. It was tan, had thin brown stripes, and was fitted at the bottom (I’m sorry, my description makes it sound terrible; but really, it was lovely). I fell, even further, in love with a pair of feather earrings that reminded me of the feather extension that Free People demonstrated on their blog a while back, which Kelsey and I have been wanting to mimic; an upside to the earrings–I can take it out to wash my hair. My other AMAZING find of the day was this beautiful vintage leather bag. I’ve been searching for a new laptop bag for months now, and I finally met my match in the men’s section of Local Honey–and my love was only $28.00. Yes, be jealous of my ability to find things for a magnificent price.

We went to a couple of restaurants during our trip; the first one being 12 South Taproom, in which Lucas and I both tried a beer for lunch, paired with the most delicious queso dip I have ever had. Ever. Period. It had sausage in it. That was spicy and all around NOM NOM. At the Taproom, I had New Belgium Fat Tire and Lucas had French Broad Anvil Porter. The second restaurant we visited, ChaChah, was one that Lucas picked out especially for me (they had a tapas menu, so lots of tiny food and Sangria!). The food was absolutely delicious! We had a goat cheese covered with almonds for appetizers, lamb meatballs with a lemon yogurt dip, and cod cakes with a cilantro yogurt. And here are the photos!

And last, but certainly not least, I visited this adorable little shop called Goodbuy Girls. I was so impressed with their eye for great pre-loved pieces! They had a plethora of boots with unique stitching, colored leather, and the option for heels or flats. They had cutesy bags, vintage dresses, a few designer shirts (Fendi, Marc Jacobs for less than $20!), and beautiful jewelry. SUCCESS, SUCCESS, SUCCESS! I unfortunately did not purchase anything, but it wasn’t because of a shortage of adorability, nor was it a shortage of well-priced items.

Until another day, my beloved Nashville.