{.:.gummy worms and imaginary numbers.:.}

by aproperfool

It is Friday night. It is the last day of spring break, technically. And this year, I’ve done a whole lot of nothing (other than my absolutely lovely tripto Nashville–so no real distance was reached, though I did have a lovely carefree time with Lucas) during said break. Freshman year, I went to Panama City, Sophomore year, I went on a road trip to Texas, and this year I…got a second job? I had planned on being more productive, but time escaped me. Like it always does. I wanted to get my paper written, complete all of my math, and clean my house in the first three days so that I could do nothing but relax. Yet it did not happen. So where does all of my time go, anyway? I feel like I’ve done nothing but sleep and work for the past week. If this is a glimpse into the future/adulthood, I am not looking forward to it.

I’m being a little bit overdramatic, I think; I did go to a super fun dinner party at Allison’s house, and I did do a little bit of repair sewing, and I did make a perfect cappuccino (after turning the milk steamer knob the wrong way and causing the milk to explode the first time). So I guess even with how dull much of this has felt, I’ve accomplished a lot. It just didn’t happen to be anything I wanted to get done.

On a side note: WHY MUST WE USE IMAGINARY NUMBERS?! It just doesn’t make sense to me–if they aren’t real, let’s just stick to the “they don’t exist” mentality, and forget about them. I remember when this idea was first introduced to me, circa seventh grade. And now that I’m over twenty (just barely, but you know, much wiser), I still see no use in them. And please no one comment with actual practical uses. They are a waste of my time, as they are not used in anything Fashion/English/Business-related, which all tend to stick to real things.